Thursday, April 25, 2013

today's missions, should I choose to accept them

I've got quite a list of things to buy—among them, new contact lenses and a much longer CAT-5 Ethernet cord that will allow me to set up camp at the apartment's dining-room table (my back is hurting again, despite the pillows, so I'm going to need a normal chair to sit in). I'm also visiting the fortress home of Sperwer, who lives within sniper-shot of the Blue House in a rather well-heeled neighborhood that sits above and behind the Korean president's residence. Years ago, Sperwer and one other friend, Joe Walther, took upon themselves the burden of storing my mortal possessions when I left Korea in 2008. They've been holding those items in trust for five years. Sperwer recently invited me to visit his home and take a look at my possessions to see whether there's anything useful for my current sojourn packed away in those boxes. So that's on the agenda for today.

My other shopping is going to take place in Itaewon, Yongsan's Jeonja Sanga (Electronics Market), and right around my apartment's neighborhood (notice how I've taken to calling it "my" apartment!). Sometime before or after my visit with Sperwer, I may also fit in a hike up Namsan from Beotigogae Station, as I did years ago.

Full day ahead. No YB-related work today, though; I emailed YB my timesheet and can't restart work until the new pay period begins, which won't be until Friday, Virginia time. Thursday, then, is a day off. I'm also taking a break from job-hunting: I've sent off several applications already, so now it's largely a waiting game. At some point, I may pay Tom's school, Sungkyunkwan University, a visit, just to show my face, banter with the natives, and give their hiring office an idea of what they've been missing when they ignored my goddamn emails to them.



  1. You are a short bus ride from Bukhan national park if you get the hankering for a change of scenery...

  2. Which number bus do I take, and on which side of the street?

  3. Oh, and an easy walk from the Hyundai Department store as well...

  4. It's the bus stop directly across the street from where the airport bus dropped you. (You'll catch the airport bus back to Incheon from there as well). 110B or 143 to Bukhansan (go all the way to last bus stop, about a 15 minute ride)and 110A coming back.

  5. Grandma lives out yonder, doesn't she? She just called me again, and said to take the 110B to the end of the line to find her apartment building in Donam-dong (Samsung Apts.). Sound about right? Did I misunderstand her?

  6. Slight misunderstanding. She lives in the apartments kinda behind the D.C market. You do take the bus to the end of the line though. I think she was saying she lives nearby and will go with you if you want (I understand she was planning on going today anyway). No worries, Jee Yeun told her not to be bothering you. :)

  7. I specifically asked her whether the bus directions she was giving me were to her place, and she said "Yes," but maybe I didn't ask the question correctly. My initial understanding was that she basically lived right across the street from the apartment I'm in. No worries; I'll figure it all out. In any case, she and I are meeting up this coming Tuesday for lunch. I'll call her before I leave for her place and confirm things with her then.

    Shouldn't we be doing this exchange by email?



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