Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday: the day of big happenings

Monday morning, I'm off to the State Department to drop off a small pile of documents (five, actually) to be apostilled by Wednesday (the State Department website says the apostille process takes about two business days, and can be rushed for people leaving the country in 24-48 hours).

Later in the day, I'll likely be off to PNC Bank to discuss Plan C with my loan representative, assuming we're still no dice on either the reduced loan request or the credit card. Failing that, I'll be off to OneMain Financial with an even more modest request (say, $3000) in the hopes of receiving same-day loan approval. I've also got to swing by Alexandria to pick up my alarm clock from Sean: like an idiot, I had left it at his place when I dog-sat there.

Lots of driving on shaky, vibrating Honda wheels tomorrow. Let's pray that I don't end up with exploding tires—or wheels that fly off—at 80 miles per hour. And here's hoping for success with that loan.


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