Thursday, April 11, 2013

rental check and car meds

I've dropped off my May rental check at the rental office, with a request for the staffers not to deposit the check until May 2. Now, I just need to figure out how I'm going to handle some of next month's other bills.

Went shopping today. Got two months' worth of psyllium fiber, half of which I'll be taking with me to Seoul. A man needs to stay regular, after all. I also stopped by the local auto parts store and bought two cans of Sea Foam, which I promptly dumped into my poor, suffering car—one can into the gas tank, and one into the oil. The car wouldn't start at first; I think the engine felt flooded. But I pumped the gas (not always recommended with modern cars), and the engine eventually caught and started up just fine. Over the next few days, we'll see whether the Sea Foam helps unclog the car's fuel lines.

Still no word from PNC Bank about my $8000 loan. I'm worried, and am starting to get a sinking feeling. Plan B, if PNC doesn't work out, will be to crawl back to OneMain Financial to go for the $6000 loan (same-day approval at OneMain).


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