Sunday, April 28, 2013

my next target

I'm applying for a teaching position at Daegu University, which promises only modest pay but a fantastic teaching and vacation schedule (12 hours per week of teaching, 4 months' vacation per year—incroyable). I just sent off my application, which is missing only one document: a go-yong-injeung-seo (고용 인증서), or "certificate of employment." This is a Korean document that most US employers don't give to their employees (for us, it's enough to sign an employment contract); nevertheless, I've sent an emailed request to YB to provide me with some sort of American equivalent to the Korean document.

It's a bit annoying that Daegu U. is asking for this certificate; no other university that I've applied to is. Still, I'm looking at this requirement as a minor inconvenience, and am hoping that my current employer will come through for me in the next couple of days, so that I can send the document to DU separately. And despite the low pay that DU is offering (see the ad here), everything else about the job sounds fantastic, and I wouldn't mind teaching in a city that's close to one of my all-time favorite Zen temples: Haein-sa, which sits on Gaya Mountain at about 90 minutes' bus ride from Daegu.

I think I have a good chance of being tapped by DU for an interview. Here's hoping.



Charles said...

Good luck!

While the pay may be less than impressive, Daegu is also cheaper than Seoul, so it's probably not quite as modest as it seems.

Kevin Kim said...

You're right: I should consider the cost of living.

John from Daejeon said...

That job isn't actually in Daegu. You might blow through a lot of money getting around as the subway is a long, long, long way away, or you could save a lot if you buy a decent bicycle for transportation.

Kevin Kim said...


Yeah, I read the ad. But it's close enough to Daegu to qualify as Daegu, even though it's farther out from Haeinsa (which is off to the west) than I'd like. Horseshoes, hand grenades, you know.

Kevin Kim said...

Anyway, yes: I'll have to be mindful of travel expenses. But as someone who doesn't tend to go out on the town that much, unless invited, I don't see myself spending a lot of money on forays downtown.