Friday, April 12, 2013

one week to go

The excitement mounts. I've got exactly a week to go before I'm off to South Korea. My travel info, for you stalkers out there:

First leg—DCA to JFK
Depart DCA at 6:45AM on April 18; arrive JFK at 8:00AM on the same day.

Second leg—JFK to ICN
Depart JFK at 1:00PM on April 18; arrive ICN at 4:10PM on April 19.

Third leg—ICN to SEA
Depart ICN at 6:40PM on May 19; arrive SEA at 12:40PM on April 19.

Fourth leg—SEA to DCA
To be determined.

From what I've seen in perusing and, the cost of flying from Seattle to DC is around $400-$450 for any direct flight, whereas the cost for an overnight flight, which would seem to include a longish layover, is closer to $280-$350. Unfortunately, hotel costs make up for the cheaper ticket unless I'm truly planning to stay overnight in the airport. I'm hesitating on buying this ticket until I know for a fact that my loan will have cleared. I could, in theory, wait until I'm coming back from Korea to buy the last-leg ticket, but the risk, there, is that last-minute tickets tend to be ass-fuckingly expensive.

Much depends on my loan's coming through. I'll be calling PNC Bank later today to verify my status... or to get some bad news, as seems increasingly likely.


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