Tuesday, April 30, 2013

lunch with Granny: before

Today at noon (it's a bit after 8:45AM as I write this), I'm meeting the grandmother of Sohee, John McCarby's daughter-in-law and the girl whose apartment I'm currently using as a base of operations. I had been hoping to meet Grandma since my arrival in Seoul, if for no other reason than to pay my respects and to express my appreciation for the family's generous permission to use Sohee's apartment. Today, finally, I'll have that opportunity. From what I've heard from John, Grandma is quite nice. I've spoken with her on the phone, and she seems like a kind-hearted, solicitous person. As a gesture of respect, I cooked up a batch of budae-jjigae last night. I have no idea how Grandma will take this, but I'm hopeful that my recipe will wow her: my eighty-year-old aunt in Texas was impressed the last time I made budae.

So this is the "before" blog post. I'll meet Grandma in a couple of hours, then write an "after" post to talk about how the encounter went. Other blogging projects include writing reviews for Denzel Washington's "Flight" and Bradley Cooper's "Silver Linings Playbook."

More later.



John said...

Haha, I actually overlooked the "McCarby" reference the first time I scrolled through.

I'm sorry about the communication gap you are apparently experiencing with Jee's mom. Of course, other than hello and goodbye I just smile and nod a lot. We seem to get along just fine...

Kevin Kim said...

I think that a lot will be resolved once I do actually meet Grandma face-to-face.