Sunday, April 28, 2013

social engagements

1. At some point, I'll be hanging with Tom, Charles, and Hyunjin again, probably at Braai Republic, the South African BBQ restaurant.

2. I've just penciled in a meeting with Dr. Jeff Hodges for May 3.

3. For my friend Sperwer: I'll be attending his May 5 Mr. Seoul bodybuilding competition, and he's expressed an interest in throwing a post-competition party to which I and Charles will both likely come.

4. I'm scheduled to meet with author Holden Beck on May 8, when I'll likely be visiting Seoul National University as a follow-up to having sent SNU a job application.

5. Although a meet-up was proposed in the blog's comments section, I still haven't fixed a date to meet with resident Toastmaster and inveterate Aussie Lee Farrand. But it'll happen.

6. This coming Tuesday, I'm meeting up with the grandmother of the girl whose apartment I'm staying in. She called today, around 4:30PM, to invite me, rather suddenly, on a jaunt out into the countryside. I had to turn her down because I'm busy with YB-related "remote" work, but I'll be meeting her for lunch on Tuesday.

7. Promises to keep: I had told both Joe McPherson and Lokie, my former supervisor, that I would meet with them once more before leaving the country. No dates fixed.

I hope soon to include some dang job interviews in the above list, but I don't really expect to hear from any campuses until we're well into the first week or so of May. If I don't hear from certain universities, I plan to visit them, anyway, because I will not fucking be ignored. That's one of the reasons why I'm here in Korea: to foist my presence on slow, stupid bureaucrats who (quite unprofessionally) fail to reply to my correspondence. I was ignored twice last year. Never again.



Charles said...

A chance to see Sperwer in all his post-competition glory! I'm on it.

Kevin Kim said...

I'm wondering, though, with the Mr. Korea competition coming only eleven days after Mr. Seoul, whether Sperwer will want to have his shindig between the two contests. I suspect not. Which means it'll likely happen after the 17th—perilously close to my departure date on the 19th.

Charles said...

Hmm.. we'll have to try to work something out.