Tuesday, April 09, 2013

today's agenda

On a mission today: I'm going to visit Catholic University and Georgetown University to request official transcripts and have them printed out sur-le-champ. Tomorrow, im'sh'al-Lah, I will take those documents, along with several others, to the State Department to get everything apostilled. Good times.

I still haven't heard from PNC about my loan, but I imagine an email will come my way in a few hours. Here's hoping it's good news. I'm worried about my credit rating and my debt-to-income ratio, but hopeful that PNC's higher-ups will recognize that my status has improved since early 2012.

I've thought of other things that'll need doing once I've got that loan money:

•new rear tires for the car (which might minimize that freaky vibration)
•arrange public storage (hopefully one of those "your first month free!" deals)
•pay my goddamn taxes, since I apparently owe $438
•get my car repaired (I may take it to a different mechanic)
•buy an iPad (that's gonna hurt, but for travel purposes, it may be a necessity)
•get my Mac's monitor repaired
•pay off Amazon.com credit card

Actually, the public-storage thing will have to wait until after I return from Korea: whether I get public storage is contingent on whether I've actually secured a job in Korea, and can guarantee I'll be moving out.

My Sunday tutees have elected not to pay me yet for my efforts; they're going to wait until I'm back from Korea, at which time they'll be paying me twice in rapid succession. That's going to hurt me, but I'm in decent enough financial shape that I can take the hit. This is probably the first time, since April of 2008, that I've been able to say that.

So that's the agenda. Thanks for reading while I think out loud on the blog.


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