Monday, April 15, 2013

promises of galbi

My buddy Tom, the mastermind behind this upcoming mission to Korea, has told me that he'd like to treat me to a galbi dinner when I arrive. Korean short ribs sound fan-dingle-damn-tastic to me. Tom's a new father, and I have yet to meet this lovely wife, so I'll be happy to hang with him and the family. We'll doubtless be hanging out more than once over the next 30 days.

I told Tom that, assuming my loan paperwork doesn't come through, I'm likely going to have to earn some money while I'm in Korea. I recall doing some radio voice work for Tom back in 2008; the job paid about $45 for ten minutes' work, which comes out to about $270 per hour. If I could work a few hours a week, for four weeks, that would be gravy. I'd go home richer than when I arrived.


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