Friday, April 19, 2013

time stamp weirdness

Since I'm in Seoul with my new laptop, I need to decide whether to reset my "local time" configuration to reflect Seoul time. Decision: nah. You guys will just have to put up with my posts' appearing at what will seem to be weird hours.

More later. Lots to talk about, but I'm jet-lagged and unsure how focused I can remain at this tiny keyboard. I must say: owning MacBook Air is a lot like owning my old Asus Eee netbook, which was also tiny and awkward and made women point and laugh.



John McCrarey said...

Yep, my posts are always on Korea time no matter where in the world I might actually be. Seeing as how Korea is the center of the universe and all it makes perfect sense.

Elisson said...

Good to know you've arrived safely. May your trip be successful in all the ways you wish it to be!