Saturday, April 06, 2013

home stretch

I'm closing in on the finish line of my massive content-creation project. Although I'm now two days overdue with it, I've heard nothing from my bosses. The project essentially involves authoring an entire book: I'm currently writing twenty-five chapters' worth of 500- to 600-word essays (at a rate of about one essay per 40-60 minutes), and creating sets of five multiple-choice questions for each essay. Of course, my name won't be on this book; I'll simply have the pleasure of knowing that something I've written has been published.

I've got five more essays to write, which will take the better part of five hours. After that, I've got twenty-five sets of questions to write, and at three units per hour, that'll be a little over eight hours. I doubt I'll work more than thirteen hours today. In fact, considering that it's already past noon, even if I did work thirteen hours straight, I'd be into Saturday by the time I finished: three days overdue.

I'll just do what I can and live with the consequences.



Charles said...

"Massive content-creation project" would be an excellent euphemism for "bowel movement."

Kevin Kim said...

Sure is what it feels like sometimes.

Kevin Kim said...

And I think you went "meta," there, because "bowel movement" is itself a euphemism.

Charles said...

Hmm... I never really considered it a euphemism, more a technical term. But I see your point.

I am so meta, my euphemisms have euphemisms.