Thursday, April 18, 2013

time-delayed post

I'm writing this post on Wednesday night, but scheduling it to appear on Thursday at 8AM.

I assume, at this point, that I've landed in John F. Kennedy Airport without a hitch. Because it's 8AM, I'm probably still in the process of deplaning, after which I'll wander over to the baggage claim, rip off the DCA-to-JFK baggage tags, then lumber over to the Asiana counter to talk with the pretty Korean staffers there and check my bags in for the 14-hour flight to Seoul. (No flirty banter; you have to be better-looking than I am for such banter to work. Were I to flirt, I'd just come off as pervy and make the ladies uncomfortable.)

I'm probably wishing I had my cell phone with me, to take random pics of the airport while I wait. It's a five-hour layover before the flight to Seoul will actually board.

Ever hear the joke about the priest and the gay kangaroo? Me, neither.



Elisson said...

Travel safely, my friend. And I hope the layover at JFK isn't too horrible. At least you're not at the Delta terminal (pfui).

Kevin Kim said...

Oh, but I was!

John McCrarey said...

By the way, the wireless network at the apartment is the one that begins with SK. The passcode is where I told you in the letter.