Wednesday, April 10, 2013

YES!! it's official

I just weighed myself.

289.7 pounds.

YES!!! I've finally broken the ten-pound barrier. Of course, fat as I am, I look no different. I'll need to lose another 40 pounds before I start to look slimmer. There's a picture of me in an old post, back when I was around 255 pounds. Ah—here it is, at the very bottom. Might be nice to look like that again.

Long way to go, of course, but for now, I'll just focus on the next ten pounds.



Charles said...

Congrats, dude. One milestone down; here's to many more to come.

John said...

It's good to reach a milestone along the road to success. It's also good to resurrect an old cliche now and again.

Let me create a new one: dieting is like having to pee really bad while driving and the sign says "next rest stop 37 miles". You can either give up and wet yourself, or just keep on until you get there. Here's to going the distance!

Kevin Kim said...

Thank you, gentlemen.