Friday, April 12, 2013

the goodness of friends

My buddy Mike has offered to drive me to and from the airport for my upcoming trip. Mighty nice of him, considering that he lives 90 minutes away from me. He's going to consult with his wife about how feasible this plan is; assuming she gives him the green light, Mike will trundle over to my place on Wednesday evening, stay the night, then wake up, bleary-eyed, at 4AM on Thursday morning so we can ship out by 4:30AM and reach National Airport by 5:45AM, one hour before my flight to New York leaves. Mike's largesse solves a major problem for me: parking my Honda at Reagan National Airport and paying $6 per day to leave it in the satellite parking area. That's $186 that could otherwise have been used on cheap hookers and blow.

Go, Mike!



Charles said...

Blow? Where the heck am I going to get some good blow? I still think grain alcohol is more likely.

SJHoneywell said...

Grain alcohol? C'mon--Kevin is more of a Sterno drinker.

Kevin Kim said...


Funny you should say that. I bought my two cans of Sea Foam from the burly lady at the auto-parts center, and she cracked, "That all yew drankin'?"

Charles said...

Well, Sterno probably would be easier to get here. I'll have to hit the camping goods store next week.