Monday, April 01, 2013

spot the error

From this Korea Times article, scatologically titled "China Will Forever Be No. 2," comes this beauty of a sentence:

Sitting in Beijing as American capitalism seemed to be hanging by a thread, it was easy to believe that one era was ending and another beginning.

Did you spot the error? Shouldn't be too hard. If it was too hard, click here and review.

Funny thing... the Korean translation of the article sits right alongside it, and I noticed the Korean title said, "중국이 2등밖에 될 수 없는 이유." This translates as "[The Reason] Why China Can Only Be No. 2." ("이유" means "reason.") So the English title merely asserts that China will always remain second-best, while the Korean title purports to explain why China will remain second-best.

One further remark about the article: having read it all the way through, I find that I'm tantalized. The author seems to be formulating the beginnings of a very interesting thesis, but perhaps because of space limitations, he doesn't take his argument anywhere. That's too bad. I'd like to see the thesis developed, with plenty of supporting evidence to back up all those fascinating assertions.


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John from Daejeon said...

I guess they left out this part of the article. Looks like the U.S. won't be running out of oil anytime soon, while China is now using more (and very inefficiently) than the U.S. these days without the supply. However, China is already laying major claims on resource-rich Antarctica.