Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Health Update: Day 61


I expected no less, really: 295.5. Up 1.5 pounds from last week, largely thanks to yesterday's Chinese-food indulgence. It's been two calendar months, and all I have to show for it is a net loss of 5.5 pounds. Other stats:

Pullup negatives: 2

Suspended knee raises from pullup bar: 3 sets of 5 reps, three times

Cardio: 1 minute of "jumping rope" (with "ropeless" jump-rope system)

The cardio's about to change, though: I'm planning to take long walks of six to nine miles (i.e., two to three hours) around my small town, as part of an attempt to recover the old Switzerland Formula. While I'd rather do those walks on strenuous hiking trails, what with Skyline Drive so near, I have to factor in the cost of extra gas usage every time I drive into the park. Not worth it. The first walk will be tomorrow—six miles.



John said...

It's interesting that the low carb diet isn't having a more immediate impact with you. Did Taubes address the variance between certain individuals? I know we all have different metabolisms, so maybe you are just doing a slow burn so to speak. Anyway, you can't go wrong with the proven Switzerland Formula.

Stay the course!

Kevin Kim said...

My brother Sean is convinced that, if it's not the amount of carbs I'm ingesting, then it's either the type of carbs or the sheer quantity of food that I'm eating. I'm willing to concede that he may have a point.

I do eat large meals during the week, but I also eat only once per day, so I'm very hungry when I get home from work at 10:30PM. I'm not sure whether eating at night is a factor; I stay awake until nearly sunrise (or sometimes just after), so I spend many hours awake and actively burning calories after my 11PM dinner. I don't eat and then immediately go to sleep.

History has shown me that my body responds most readily to increased activity. Up to now, I've largely avoided strenuous exercise for significant periods of time. I think the moment has come to pick up the pace.

Elisson said...

Holy crap - there's a big part of the problem right there. Eating one big meal a day - oy! Not only do you feel weak and miserable, you get ravenous and end up overeating... while at the same time your body slows down its metabolism because it thinks "FAMINE!!!"

Small meals with equal amounts of carbs and protein, no more than three hours apart. It's a pain in the ass, but it really works.

And Chinese food? Gawd, I love it... but - probably because of the sodium - it is never kind to me when I step on the scale the next day. Oof.

Kevin Kim said...


I can't do the "several meals a day" thing because I know my digestive system too well: if I eat before I leave for work, I know I'll have to poop while at work. The only time I can safely eat is after I'm back home from work, i.e., around 11PM. When I wake up the following morning (anytime between 9AM and noon, depending on how late I've stayed up), I poop a couple times to empty out the previous night's meal, and avoid eating until after work.

I break this pattern on Fridays and weekends. On Fridays, I eat a single meal before 3PM because I know I have to work at 9AM on Saturday. Eating after 3PM almost always guarantees that I'll have to poop while at work. On Saturday, after I'm done with work at 5PM, I feel OK having dinner at a regular hour, and I often even have lunch while at work. Sundays and Mondays, when I'm off, I eat more or less normally. But come Tuesday, the weird schedule starts again.

The fact that my eating schedule (and my sleep schedule, come to think of it) is constantly shifting is a burden to me. That's another reason for me to find a different job: my body has never adjusted to this weird routine. I'd much rather work a regular morning "block" shift Monday through Friday. Again, university work would be great for me: I'd be done with classes by about 2PM at the latest, and could poop to my heart's content afterward. Everything in my life revolves around my intestines, which truly do control my life.