Thursday, April 18, 2013

emptor, caveat'ed

While I sit here waiting for my laundry to percolate, I'm experiencing buyer's remorse.

The iPad, while a wonderful piece of equipment, is really not what I need when I'm overseas. What I need is a desktop-compatible Mac laptop—something onto which I can install all the Mac OS programs I currently use with such frequency: Photoshop Elements, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat Pro, etc. The iPad, which uses a native operating system called iOS, isn't compatible with very much: not with MS Office, not with Photoshop (as far as I can tell), and not with Adobe Acrobat.

So! Change of plan: I'm taking my iPad back to Wal-mart (whose return policy does not include direct refunds: they give you a Wal-mart purchasing card for the amount of the refund instead, thereby assuring your continued business), then trundling a half-hour north to Winchester to visit a Best Buy and get my big ass a MacBook.

Busy day, eh?



Charles said...

Kind of makes me wonder what exactly the iPad is good for. If you were looking for a PC-compatible tablet I might be able to suggest a few, but I have no idea about Mac-compatible tablets (if there even are any).

hahnak said...

they are good for watching movies. surfing the web. not good for doing work or typing up a log of blog posts. good for web based games.

not good for managing files.

its a very portable entertainment system. we use it to show movies to our toddler. thats it. (we did not buy ours.)