Wednesday, April 17, 2013

final full day before departure

I had a big argument with myself last night about whether I even wanted to bother going to DC today to get my diplomas apostilled. In the end, I decided the trip wouldn't be worth it, and I could save the bureaucratic hassles for when I get back in May. The procedure, as written up on the sheet I was given yesterday, seems to be a same-day-service sort of thing. If I snag a job while in Korea, the job won't start until September, which gives me plenty of time to work out any paperwork-related kinks.

So instead of hitting DC, I'll be devoting today to finalizing prep, and to prepping my apartment for the arrival, this evening, of my buddy Mike, who has very kindly offered to drive me to the airport tomorrow morning. Another mission for today is to go to the local Starbucks, which ought to have free Wi-Fi, and see whether I can even use my iPad. iPads, it turns out, are pretty much useless without a wireless internet connection. They don't come pre-packaged with a lot of software, so assuming I can establish a connection while at Starbucks, I've got a lot of downloading happening in my near future. I'm hoping that, when I'm in Korea, finding Wi-Fi hot spots ought to be easy. That should be the case: South Korea remains one of the most wired countries in the world.

So that's where things stand right now: final packing and cleaning and iPadding, and then I'm off like a hot girl's g-string very early tomorrow morning. It's gonna suck to leave my faithful Droid X phone here, but I can't afford the roaming charges.


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