Friday, August 24, 2018

checking in from SFO

My buddy Mike suggested that I buy some Ghirardelli chocolate since I was out San Francisco way, so I got the above assortment, which I'll share with coworkers once I'm back.

There was no trouble getting on the flight out of Dulles: the plane was two-thirds empty, and I had an exit row to myself. As I just texted to Mike, the one major inconvenience occurred when a mother decided to change her baby's heavily loaded diaper right there in the plane's main cabin.

Even before that, there was some excitement: as I was checking out of the hotel, the hotel clerk told me there was a dude stalking the hallways, buck naked. The clerk had called the police; I never saw the naked guy, but I did see two officers enter a stairwell in pursuit. I wonder how all that turned out.

Made it to SFO early enough to reach the international terminal before any staffers were at my departure gate. When the staffers arrived, I checked in, and they told me they'd call me up around boarding time. My cousin, monitoring from Texas, says my flight looks good.

And that's where things stand for the moment. Just a quick update, which I'm able to make thanks to my very liberating GlocalMe mobile WiFi hotspot.

Next update from wet and wild Seoul!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: I just got a whole row to myself. Woo-hoo!


John Mac said...

A whole row across the wide Pacific? That's MY dream! Lucky day!

Charles said...

Seoul is not nearly as wet and wild as they said it would be. It is raining steadily but only lightly at the moment, and the sky is already starting to brighten. Apparently Soulik slowed down and cut farther south across the peninsula than expected (which means it won't hit the DPRK, either). So we never really got much of anything here. Not that I'm complaining.