Saturday, August 18, 2018

dunch/linner in the old stomping grounds

After rolling out of Skyline Drive, I stopped at the Apple House, which is technically in Linden, not Front Royal.

You can't stop at the Apple House and not buy a box of the place's apple-butter doughnuts. I bought a dozen for my brother; the cost has gone up, but the doughnuts are the same dollops of apple-cinnamon deliciousness that they've been for years:

And here's the receipt.

The Apple House used to sell a huge one-pound burger, but that's no longer on the menu. In its place are a gaggle of half-pound burgers, one of which is called the Jumbo, which is what I ordered, along with sides of kettle chips and coleslaw. Here's the burger, in all its glory (note how the meat positively droops out of the bun: a good sign):

The final stop of the evening was the local soft-serve joint, where I ordered a banana split from a cheerful server. The dessert was decent, but not a true banana split. First, a true split has three different kinds of ice cream: the Neapolitan combo of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Next, there ought to be three sauces/toppings: pineapple, hot fudge, and cherry. This split featured only two sauces: pineapple and hot fudge. It also featured only one type of ice cream: vanilla.
While not a true banana split, the dessert was good on its own terms. I managed to finish it without developing brain freeze.

And with a trail walked and food eaten, I hopped into my car and headed back to Alexandria, tired and replete.

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John Mac said...

Does being back make you miss living there?