Sunday, August 26, 2018

what it's like to move a beehive

The following video, about a guy who takes care of bee-infestation problems, was way more fascinating that I thought it'd be. The man's a pro, and his goal isn't to eliminate the infestation by killing the bees in the hive. No: his goal is to remove the honeycombs by deconstructing them and then reconstructing them in a special box. Meanwhile, he vacuums up the bees, finds the queen and places her in a special container, does a final vacuum sweep inside the house to catch any stray bees, then moves the entire colony elsewhere, reintegrating the queen with her colony and allowing the entire hive community to flourish in a new spot that isn't inside a human residence. Again, I ended up way more interested in this process than I thought I'd be. It doesn't hurt that the video's host has a gentle, Saint Francis-like vibe about him. He obviously loves his charges. See for yourself:


Charles said...

Dude is way too excited about bees. But I suppose that's OK, considering how important a part of our ecosystem bees are.

Kevin Kim said...

Maybe this whole "bee disappearance" thing is just that the bees have collectively decided to move into people's houses.