Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Typhoon Soulik

A monster typhoon called Soulik (who the hell names these things?) is headed toward the Korean peninsula right as I'm scheduled to fly back. For the moment, the storm-- which appears to be huge and brutal-- is projected to brush by Japan's southwestern tip and slam full-force into the Koreas, lashing its way up the peninsula's west coast.

This is rare for typhoons, most of which lose their force as they drag themselves over Japan and undergo a wind-baffling effect. Even after leaving Japan behind, most typhoons hit South Korea's southern coast. According to one report, a typhoon with this trajectory hasn't hit Korea since 2012.

Last I checked, Soulik will be raking across Seoul on Thursday. I've asked my cousin to rebook me for a Friday or Saturday flight out; she wants to wait until tomorrow's projections before confirming a rebook. I found that reasonable and told her okay.

So it's likely I'll be back in Korea a day or two later than planned. As long as I arrive over the weekend, though, this schedule change won't affect my work at all: I'm expected back on Monday.

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Charles said...

The National Meteorological Service has it raining in Seoul from Thursday morning through Friday, although the bulk of that is supposed to fall Friday morning. Winds are supposed to max out at 26 m/s late Thursday.

I say "supposed to," of course, because you never know how these things are going to go.