Friday, August 17, 2018

wut u luk like after 20K steps in tight shoes

I need to return my walking shoes and exchange them for larger ones. The ones I bought were plenty wide enough, but my feet must have grown from all the walking I've done because they (the shoes, I mean) sure as hell weren't long enough. My left foot's screaming toes can attest to that.

Today's walk in the summer heat while wearing shoes that became increasingly painful was both a welcome return to exercise (of which I've done none since arriving Stateside) and a bit of a disaster. I had thought that the New Balances I'd bought were a perfect fit, but there's nothing like a 20,000-step walk to test a shoe's mettle.

My post-walk face:

I'll be driving back to JC Penney's at Springfield Mall (will say hi to the Simpsons, har har) to take back my shoes and, I hope, find a better-fitting pair. I imagine the new shoes will be larger, so I'm prepared to pay whatever difference in cost there might be. And assuming the new shoes are indeed to my liking, that will conclude the major-purchases phase of my trip. I've got money, but I can't spend myself into oblivion.

PS: I did take back my Gregory pack, and the new Baltoro 85 arrived from the Amazon affiliate today. Woo-hoo!

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John from Daejeon said...

I'm glad you saved a bit of money in the end. Thanks be to the almighty god, the Internet. Savior of money and time, but also vast waster of both money and time.