Friday, August 03, 2018

Sarah Jeong: piece of shit

Not exactly the pride of the Komerican community, Sarah Jeong has had a history of tweeting racist garbage about white people:

As you see at the bottom of the image, Ms. Jeong is now an editor at the New York Times.

Will she be James Gunned for her racism? Signs are pointing to "no" because reasons. Besides, the Times isn't a family-friendly operation like Disney (cough).

Somewhat related: Andrew Klavan's, "Hey, Media: You Started It."

Jim Acosta has the sadz. The untalented little man who rudely shouts unimportant questions at important people while in the employ of the ninth most trusted name in news out of ten, got heckled at a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida. Sad panda. The hecklers chanted "CNN sucks," which, okay, is true, but they were none too polite about it.

Acosta didn't like it. He reported, "Honestly, it felt like we weren’t in America anymore."

But, like virtually everything Acosta reports, this is just a reflection of his small-minded biases. The fact is, having a group of people scream at you and denigrate you is exactly what it feels like to be in America — if you don't happen to be a coastal elite. It has felt this way for the last twenty years at least. Every television show you watch, every movie, every woman's magazine, every comedian, and, yes, every news program tells you you suck. Your country sucks. Your culture sucks. Your religion and your morals suck. And you personally are one of those dumb-ass racists who clings to his Bible and talks funny.

Full disclosure: I don't agree with everything in Klavan's article, but I agree with its general tenor and its central thesis. If you're not watching the alt-media, why not?

ADDENDUM: and this nutty white woman isn't exactly the pride of the American community. What happened to tasing? Maybe Sarah Jeong is right!


King Baeksu said...

The New York Times' defense of Sarah Jeong as "performance-art satire" is complete bullshit.

Her anti-white tweets are an expression of a coherent, fully formed ideological worldview:

The New York Times has chosen to put an individual who wasn't even born in the US, and who hates Americans, on its editorial board. The New York Times is straight-up anti-American.

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah, the Times's justification was fucked in the head. What rot.

Charles said...

Crazy comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.