Friday, August 17, 2018

dinner at Famous Dave's

Tonight, David and I hit Famous Dave's, a barbecue chain that I've long enjoyed.

Here's the inside of the menu:

And here are the desserts:

David got a house salad for a starter:

For his main, David got the Ultimate Burger, which comes loaded with a small pile of pulled (or chopped) pork and bacon:

I, meanwhile, chose the two-meat combo platter, opting for brisket as my old standby, and taking a risk with the second meat by choosing rib tips, which I've never had before. The tips turned out to be a great choice: they were an interesting mix of textures and flavors, with all the succulent ribbiness you expect of ribs:

A sexier angle:

David said he wanted to try something different for dessert, so he got the banana pudding. I sampled it and will definitely order it next time, whenever that might be.

My dessert was Dave's legendary bread pudding, which seemed to have shrunk a bit, but which was every bit as good:

My phone (well, Google) prompted me to write a review of my prandial experience, so I wrote a very positive review for Famous Dave's. It's a decent place for midrange, family-style dining. Not cheap, but not expensive, either.