Saturday, August 11, 2018

what my portable hotspot looks like

Here's my Glocal SIM-free mobile WiFi hotspot:

It came with a free data plan offering 1.1GB of bandwidth; a couple YouTube videos and several emails, texts, and blog posts later, and you see how much is left. I already prepaid $100 in anticipation of when my free plan runs out; that amount ought to get me through the rest of my vacation, easily.

I'm waiting for my brother David to come by and take me to the DMV office in Lorton, Virginia, just a few miles south of my hotel. If all goes well, I'll have a new driver's license in a few hours. Next step after that: get a rental car, then hit REI for some serious shopping. This evening, I'll be treating my brother to a splendid dinner at Maggiano's, one of my favorite Italian chains. On Sunday, I'll be driving down to Fredericksburg to see my buddy Mike and his family. Un week-end mouvementé.

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