Wednesday, August 01, 2018

your moments of awesomeness

Two of the YouTube channels to which I subscribe are Joerg Sprave's The Slingshot Channel and Dan and Gav's The Slow Mo Guys. Both have outdone themselves in recent videos. Let's start off with Joerg, showing off his Ranchero "arrow pistol" which, as he gleefully points out, is legally considered a toy in Germany because the projectile fits over the launching rod and not inside a barrel:

The video ends with Joerg's over-the-top modification of the pistol, so be sure to watch all the way through. You'll especially like his "zombie" demo, I think.

Next up: Dan and Gav find themselves once again in the States, this time to set off some charges. For my money, the shaped charge at 5:04 is the biggest holy-shit moment when you realize what sort of penetrating power it has. Dan is ex-army, so his explanation of how such charges work is worth a careful listen. Gav's gibe about Dan's love of spicy food, early on in the video, caught me off guard and startled a laugh out of me.

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