Thursday, August 16, 2018

Middle Eastern chicken: American invasion

Last night (Tuesday the 14th), I did dinner with my brother David at a local Thai place called Rice & Spice. The food was good, but the air conditioning was blowing directly down on my head.

We did dinner there because, in that same shopping complex, there's a Wegmans. I had told David that I wanted to make him my Middle Eastern chicken, and after giving him an idea of the ingredients, he suggested that Wegmans would have everything I needed. So we went there and, sure enough, the place had everything. It was a relief, for once, not to have to shop at three or four different, scattered places all over Seoul just to make one meal.

Wegmans somehow pulls off the trick of seeming high-end while actually being fairly cheap. I saw dozens of items that I wanted to buy, including that heavenly triple-creme Brie that Mike got me addicted to, but in the end, I held my impulses in check and stuck to my shopping list.

David gamely took my groceries to his place and dropped me off at my hotel. Today, Wednesday the 15th (a belated Happy Liberation Day, Korea! as always, you're welcome, even though you never have the good grace to thank us), I'll be sneaking into David's place to prep food and serve my little bro one of my more popular dinners.

Expect photos soon.

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Charles said...

You will be pleased to know that there was no mention of the UN forces on any of the news reports yesterday morning.

But I also only saw a single taegeukgi hanging in the faculty apartments when I was coming back from my office yesterday evening. That's got to be a record. Maybe no one cares anymore?

(Also, AC blasting straight at me while I'm trying to eat is one of my pet peeves.)