Friday, August 31, 2018

testing, testing


Whatever this is, it's not a true panna cotta, which ought to be as firm as a flan. Not enough gelatine, at a guess, despite my having used an entire pack for about 1.8 liters of heavy cream. This is more like a very rich, very tasty chocolate pudding. That's not bad in itself, but it's not what I'd been aiming for. And I must say that grinding frozen chocolate chips in my food processor was a loud, loud experience that I don't care to repeat ever again. I ended up switching to a mortar and pestle, but even that proved a difficult proposition: I'd have had to pound the chips so hard that I'd have disturbed my downstairs neighbors. Light pounding yielded little in the way of results, so I just went with what I had: a crumbled mixture of powder and chunks that didn't look very pretty.

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