Thursday, August 09, 2018

selfish impulse

Seen while shopping in Insa-dong:

It's a terrible, ironic thing when you suddenly lust for a religious trinket, but while I was shopping in the art district last night, I happened upon a shop selling large and small sculptures of religious figures. I recognized Dalma Daesa (Bodhidharma), but didn't know who the other, Chinese-looking guy was. The shopkeeper told me his name, and that he was an ordinary-but-wise man who became a king (this sculpture shows him fishing; you'll have to imagine the rod). As a selfish purchase, I bought the little statuette of Dalma Daesa; it's not as nice as the awesome wood carving I used to own, but it makes for a good companion to my Darth Vader statue.

This was a naughty purchase, a splurge. I regret having bought the statuette. A bit.

Leaving for the airport in two hours.


  1. Thanks, man. There's some suspense about the flight I'm booked for; I'm betting that I won't make it on a plane today, but you never know.



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