Sunday, August 12, 2018

Stepford dogs

Here are Sean's old dog Maqz (L) and Sean's husband's dog Woodrow (R), being dog-sat by my brother David while Sean and Jeff gallivant around Southeast Asia:

Maqz, a chihuahua, is no longer the little ball of energy and mischief that he used to be; he's old and gray and plodding now, preferring to flop down on a soft couch pillow, and not seeming at all excited to see me the way he had been during my previous visit in 2015, when Sean and Jeff got married. Woodrow, meanwhile, radiates weirdness with his droopy Bodhidharma eyebrows and creepily starey demeanor. Maqz knows me, but Woodrow has viewed me as a stranger since my previous Stateside visit, so it was a pleasant surprise when Jeff's dog suddenly warmed up to me and proved, of the three dogs at David's house, to be the most visibly affectionate this time around.

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