Monday, August 06, 2018

the Golden Goose: our new normal

First day without the old boss.

Our new supervisor, one of our coworkers who got elevated to the new position, held a meeting today, mainly to take stock of things and to make us aware of the many questions hanging over the collective heads of our dwindling department. Much is currently unresolved and in doubt; things will become clearer in a few months (by which time I might well have shifted over to the Mido building again, once more under my old boss's wing). The thing I most care about, for now at least, is that I have clear marching orders, which aren't any different from the marching orders I'd had from my former boss: keep working on teacher's guides for our grammar textbook. Explicit instructions are all I need so as to have a sense of order in my little universe, which makes me a happy camper. I've got only a few days before I leave for the States, so I'll start my new project and pick it up once I'm back in Korea.

Life goes on.

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