Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I had a list of things I wanted to purchase while in the States, but I was also open to buying some things on impulse. The collection you see below is a combination of planned and impulse purchases. I found some cheap, Spandex-ish boxers that will be useful for long hikes (pictured still in their box, upper left); I also got some generic aspirin as well as armpit deodorant (left). The whitish, rectangular box (right) contains two much-needed pillow cases, and the large, black rectangle underneath the pillow cases is a griddle (cheol-pan) of the type that I'd had a hard time finding in Korea. I can't wait to make burgers and pancakes on this when I get back.


John Mac said...

Yeah, I'm bringing an empty suitcase when I visit the USA in October. Gonna fill it up with the shit I can't find here. About the only thing I miss in the states besides family are those things like this that make life comfortable. Enjoy!

Surprises Aplenty said...

I can't remember if you have western sized feet. If I were to show a typical 'returning to Korea' gear picture, it would include several pairs of shoes and, even in Aug, probably a pair of winter boots.

Kevin Kim said...

In the Korean system, I'm about a 290. In the US system, I'm an 11EEE. Shoes in that size are hard to find in Korea. Found 'em quickly here in Virginia.