Thursday, September 12, 2019

Ajumma's paintings

Here are the three paintings I chose to take from Ajumma's place last night. Two of them are landscape-style, so click on those images to enlarge them, then right-click and hit "open image in new tab" to see them at their truly awesome, 1500-pixel width. The third image is portrait-style (vertical), so there's no need to click on that one; I've displayed it here at the usual 600-pixel width. This first one caught my eye for its use of color:

The second one struck me because of how authentically it captured a rustic, possibly rural Korean scene, making me feel as if I were really there:

This last one reminded me strongly of Europe—specifically, of a Howard Behrens painting. Behrens has done plenty of European scenes; his command of light and shadow is impressive (see here, for example). Ajumma's painting managed to evoke something very similar for me.

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Anne in Rockwall, TX said...

She makes me want to follow the path in the last two. That takes talent!