Tuesday, September 10, 2019

jinggeom dari (징검다리)

A jinggeom-dari is a stepping-stone bridge that goes, say, across a creek. That's a new Korean word to add to my small-but-slowly-growing Korean lexicon. I misheard it as "jin-geom-dari" when JW's son taught it to me, so I jokingly asked whether the word meant "true-sword bridge," and the boy laughed. He taught me the word as we were walking along the Yangjae Creek, which has plenty of human-carved jinggeom-dari to allow people to cross the stream at certain points. Each "stone" of one of these bridges is, in reality, a massive, rectangular boulder. See below—the following pic is actually from the Yangjae Creek:

Naver Dictionary teaches me that the term jinggeom-dari hyu-il (징검다리 휴일) refers to holidays or off-days that are scattered in dotted-line fashion across the calendar, where work days alternate with holidays. So now, I've learned something else.


John Mac said...

beautiful photo...

Anonymous said...

John beat me to it.