Monday, September 16, 2019

Majang Meat Market: success and failure

I went to the Majang Meat Market on Sunday and got a huge slab of brisket:

The thing I didn't get was kidneys. I talked to the ajeossi at the Jeongseon Livestock Distribution, the butcher shop I've visited twice before. He said the place to get kidneys was right across from his market, but—and he gestured over yonder to emphasize his point—as we could all see, the shops across the way were all closed. "Come back tomorrow after twelve," he said. I asked how long the shop would be open. "Until about six or seven," he said. What about Saturday? "Closed," he said. Were there any other shops, currently open, that would have kidneys? "Nope," he said. I made a face and told him I worked from about noon to nine, so coming here during the work week would be difficult. He had no reply to that. Eventually, I joked that I'd just have to make the time. The ajeossi laughed.

So I'll be going back to Majang on Monday, arriving a bit after noon to try and find some dang beef kidneys. I've arrived at work as late as 1:30 p.m. on several occasions; I always put in my eight hours of work, and my boss is usually lenient about my schedule. In fact, my boss is in Louisiana with his family right now, so he won't even know how late I am to the office tomorrow. I'll try to buy some kidneys, then taxi straight to the office and slap the kidneys into our office's communal freezer. Maybe the ladies who use the break room will peek into the freezer, see bloody body parts in there, and wonder whether some staffer is Jeffrey Dahmer.

Don't freak out about the price shown on the price tag in the above photo: I was given a 15% discount. My blubbery good looks have helped me out again.


Charles said...

Even with a 15% discount, that's still over 90,000 won, which is absolutely insane for a brisket. Did they not have anything besides 한우? It seems kind of crazy to go 한우 for a brisket, especially when it's going to be stewed.

Kevin Kim said...

Last time I went there, the price per 100 g was W4800. This time around, the price was W5000, before the 15% discount. I'll chalk that up to normal fluctuations in price (does beef have a "season," by which I mean a time of year when it's cheaper to buy? I have no clue).

As for price insanity... yeah. I wrote in my first Majang post that, in the US, the per-pound price for brisket is around $3 (about the price of 80/20 ground beef at the local Food Lion), and the article from which I got that figure was arguing that brisket "ain't cheap."

Each time I've been to Jeongseon (and this makes three times), they've only ever offered me the "1+++급" brisket. Maybe I should ask for a cheaper cut. I'm actually also okay with using the jang-jorim cut, i.e., the 홍두깨살. Can't remember whether that's a cheaper meat, though.