Monday, September 23, 2019

comma deliciousness update

My series on commas definitely won't be completed before I embark on my walk, so you'll have to hold your breath for a month and wait for the comma rants to resume in late-late October or early November.

Meanwhile, know this: mechanics is the branch of proper writing that deals with capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. It overlaps with grammar in some ways (e.g., a spelling error can also be a grammatical error), but is otherwise its own little field of study. Keeping that in mind, look at the following unpunctuated, un-capitalized sentence and rewrite it so that it's mechanically correct. (There are a couple different ways to do this.)

if he lives he lives if he dies he dies

Have at it! If you've already read (and internalized!) the first two installments of my series on commas, then you already know how to deal with the above.

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