Tuesday, September 03, 2019

AOC is astoundingly stupid, which is why I love her so (via Bill)

I've uttered some truly idiotic things in my life—things that, had I only thought more deeply for just a fraction of a second, I would never have said. But I'd like to think I've never uttered anything quite as hilariously obtuse as what much-beloved Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently tweeted—the crown jewel of all the stupid things she's ever put out to the adoring public:

I challenge you to dig through the trove of AOC's simpleminded tweets to find something—anything—dumber than the above. What a perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect: stupid yet smug, and utterly lacking in self-awareness. I guess she thinks she's being clever.

Also via Bill Keezer comes this meme-worthy shirt design:

A shirt that, alas, every girl should wear.

ADDENDUM: an anonymous commenter (comment deleted because it was anonymous—read my comments policy, please; it sits right on top of the comment window every time you want to comment) offered that the AOC tweet is a hoax and linked to Snopes to substantiate his/her claim. Snopes has proven itself to be an unreliable fact-checker at best, so let's just say that I'm skeptical of Snopes. Could be Snopes is right, but I think I'll check around a bit before deciding for myself whether I've been had.

ADDENDUM 2: I just scrolled through AOC's Twitter timeline. The above tweet is dated August 30, 9:05 a.m. I saw no such tweet on AOC's timeline on that date, so it could be that my anonymous commenter is correct, or it could be that the tweet got deleted. (The anonymous commenter suggested that the above tweet's poor punctuation was a giveaway as to its falseness. From what I saw while scrolling through AOC's tweets, though, it seems to me that AOC's mastery of grammar, etc., is a bit shaky.) None of this stops AOC from being an idiot, though, but if this tweet is a fake, then the rest of us have a duty to be smarter. Thanks for the heads-up, Anonymous. Leave a name—even if it's just a screen name—next time.

ADDENDUM 3: here's what you get when you look up "New Socialist 'It Girl'" on Instapundit. In case you still need evidence of how goofy this woman is.

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John Mac said...

Wow. Her stupidity defies parody. How did she ever qualify to be a bartender?