Sunday, September 22, 2019

pie, take 2

No kidney today! I pronounce myself DONE with kidney! I had another slab of brisket, plus leftover peas-and-carrots, leftover mashed potatoes, and a whole mess of mushrooms that I had bought from the grocery store yesterday. I pan-fried the shrooms in butter and olive oil, with a bit of salt and pepper. I cubed the brisket into bite-size pieces and set the meat aside. I brought out the remaining stout-infused brown gravy, tossed it in with the shrooms, then dumped in the peas/carrots and mashed potato, mixing everything thoroughly. The brisket went in last. The only reason why I heated this mixture up was to make it easier to incorporate everything. Once the beef went in, I killed the heat and stirred everything until I had a new pie filling for what you might call a steak-and-stout pie or a steak-and-mushroom pie, both of which the Brits make. The filling then went into the freezer for an hour.

Below is the seven-image photo essay of that journey. As per usual, the pie crust was sloppy-looking, but I must say that, with the crust recipe that I use, I'm really not as concerned about the aesthetics as I am charmed by how awesome the crust turns out every single time.

Gravy, peas, carrots, mashed potato, dried onions, and shrooms:

With the beef brisket added in:

Into the pie crust:

Painted over with egg wash and looking ugly as usual:

End result:

The "with one piece taken out" shot:

And a decent cross-section to finish up with:

This pie was pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

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