Sunday, September 08, 2019

it's not letting up

The weather is fine right now: cloudy but no significant wind, and no rain. But the forecast for tomorrow and the next few days is looking bad: rain, thunderstorms, rain, and more rain. Here's what the current radar is showing:

And here's the five-day forecast, very much subject to change:

The typhoon-ish system you see close to Tokyo/Yokohama is a pretty classic storm situation for Korea: typhoons that hit Korea tend mostly to come from the southeast, raking over Japan first, an action that diminishes the force of the storm so that, by the time it hits the Korean peninsula, the system isn't nearly so fearsome. The typhoon that just hit Korea, Ling Ling, snuck up between China and Korea before blasting South Korea with rain and high winds, as well as poking Pyeongyang in the eye. "I hope Pyeongyang got flattened," remarked JW over the phone last night. A man can dream.

You can also see, on the above radar map, another finger-like system sitting over Okinawa. It looks pretty bad, like "Karate Kid: Part Two" bad. I wonder whether that system might float our way. Could be exciting if so.

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