Monday, September 16, 2019


Our immediate boss is away in Louisiana, which of course means that, according to Murphy's Law, any seismic shift in our office will occur during his absence. And sure enough, two people from Human Resources came by today to tell us that the R&D department would be acquiring two new staffers. One is someone we've worked with and already know; the other is someone who has done nothing but teach, and who knows nothing about R&D work. Our current office space is also rather cramped; adding two people here is possible, but it's going to feel crowded. So the HR guy mentioned that we might all be moved, as a team, back to the Mido building, where my career at the Golden Goose began. My ex-boss is currently there, languishing: he got "put out to pasture," so to speak, over a year ago, and he's nearing retirement age. While it'd be pleasant for me to be back in proximity with him, I know it wouldn't be for long, as he's on his way out. The Mido office also contains one or two unsavory characters with whom I'd rather not associate, so that could be an issue, too.

Anyway, there may be some room to negotiate how the addition of team members will work, but that we're getting new members isn't negotiable at all. Nothing's going to be done until our immediate boss is back in Korea; we also need to inform our big boss, who is the head of a whole branch of our company. One coworker noted to me that I'll likely be on my long walk when the new team members arrive. At this point, I don't know whether that means we'll still be here in the Classia building or back over at Mido. I view the immediate future with morbid curiosity. In Korea, nothing is ever stable for long, and in this company in particular, the higher-ups seem to love juggling staff around. With the recent use of R&D as a dumping-ground for an obstreperous employee a month ago, the precedent has been set to use us whenever there's a staff-shuffling issue. I had been worried that that would happen, and sure enough, my fears have come true.

Lovely; fuckin' lovely, as the Irish joke goes.

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