Wednesday, September 25, 2019

terlit issues

So my toilet's sealant has cracked around the base, and there's a tiny bit of a leak. This is a classic toilet-y situation, and you'd think a repair would be simple and straightforward. I've called for various repairs before, but this time, when the building maintenance staffer came up to my apartment, he told me he needed to run the repair by my boss. I told him that calling her this late at night (it's after 11 p.m.) would be a bad idea, so he'll call her in the morning. The maintenance staffer took some pics of my toilet (like the one you see above, which I took a few days ago), and he said he'd call my boss in the morning, and then she would call me to tell me when the plumber would be coming by to do the repairs. I'm still scratching my head about why my boss (and possibly the real-estate office) needs to be involved. This adds unnecessary steps to the process. Last time I called maintenance to deal with the installation of a bizarrely shaped light in an equally bizarre light fixture, the repairman simply came up and did the job—no boss needed. Are we in France all of a sudden?

While I wait, I can't shower, but I can still use the terlit and the bathroom sink. The point is not to let any water get on the bathroom floor and potentially drip down to the unsuspecting residents right below me on the thirteenth floor. Well, no matter... this will all be over by early tomorrow afternoon, at least in theory, so I guess it's just a matter of being awake for the phone call from my boss tomorrow morning.

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