Friday, September 06, 2019

did I inspire someone?

Today, I went for my Friday pizza. Unfortunately, lunch also came with regular soda, and I gave in to temptation and drank it. As a result, I had to reset my count-up timer on my walk blog. It currently reads that I have been free of sweet drinks (i.e., soda, juice, etc.) for -2 days. Why? Because I'm probably going to down some more soda over the weekend before I go back on my moratorium on Monday. Well... I did go four days without any sugary drinks, so maybe that's something. Anyway, on Monday, we begin again.

Back to pizza talk. I went to the local pizza joint, which used to be called "Mr. Slice" and used to be run by a Korean dude who spoke very little English, and who had learned how to make New York-style pizza... except that he always sold his pepperoni pizza sprinkled with pineapple. I didn't think it was horrible, but I did feel as if some unspoken taboo had been violated. That guy sold his business a few months ago, and now another Korean dude owns it. Twice, now, I've visited the new, renovated pizza joint—re-christened "The Pizza Shop" in the same font as "Mr. Slice"—and each time, the guy behind the counter has been there with a Korean friend. Turns out the two friends had met in the States; they studied at the same college, but one majored in business while the other majored in bio. The friend was actually born in the States, so he's a gyopo through and through. The restaurant owner is a Korean citizen, but I guess he was a gyopo while he lived in the States. (The term gyopo is vague in its meaning. I'm technically a gyopo myself, simply by having Korean heritage.)

So I realized I could speak in natural English with both of these guys, and I haven't uttered a word of Korean since that realization. When I went into the shop today to get my slices, I complimented the dude on his potato-bacon pizza from the previous week, telling him that, if he added scrambled egg to the top, he'd have the perfect breakfast pizza. Both the owner and his friend lit up when I said that, and the owner told me that he had been thinking about introducing breakfast pizzas to the menu. So we talked a bit about the difference between Italian and Amurrican breffus sausage (fennel seeds versus sage, basically), and I left the place with the impression that breakfast pizzas will be heading our way soon. Did I inspire anything? Probably not, if the guy is telling the truth about already pondering the breakfast-pizza question. But maybe I gave that idea some gentle impetus. So there's that.

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