Monday, September 23, 2019

Tim Pool on Ukraine blowback against Democrats

I haven't been following the latest faux scandal about Ukraine and some "whistleblower." Tim Pool thinks the whole thing is a load of fake-news garbage, and as often happens thanks to the Trump Effect, the "scandal" is blowing up in Democrat faces:


Let's get back to the news. The Daily Mail reports, "AOC launches scathing attack on her own party, saying Democrats' refusal to impeach Trump is a 'bigger national scandal' than 'the president's lawbreaking behavior' over Ukraine."

First of all: AOC attacking the Democrats—what else is new? AOC calling for impeachment—what else is new? And AOC getting the facts wrong—okay! What else is new?

You know, I talk about this stuff so often, I'm kind of like—it's like a rerun, almost. It's like, "Oh, I'm gonna make another video about AOC calling for impeachment and getting her facts wrong." Rerun, basically, but it's not: it's like we're living on repeat. Hopefully, something happens in 2020 to break this cycle, but it's bad.

They never fucking learn, do they.

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