Wednesday, September 25, 2019

it's a minefield, with a meat grinder at the end of it

Tim Pool on believing Trump is incompetent (Pool inadvertently evokes "Shaolin Soccer"): "You'd have to believe Trump keeps randomly slipping on banana peels and pulling off perfect backflips instead of falling down."

Are the Democrats walking into a trap when they move forward with impeachment? Is it possible that Trump wants to be impeached, just so he can expose the left-Dem idiocy for what it is while also rallying his base and recruiting moderate voters who are sick of hearing "Impeach, impeach, impeach!"? Could it be that Trump will use impeachment as an excuse when the long-predicted stumble in the US economy occurs? Tim Pool discusses these possibilities in the video below.

This is one situation where I don't think we need to overthink the matter. The Senate is GOP-dominated. The House—for now, anyway—is Democrat-dominated. The House can bring articles of impeachment against the president, but it's the Senate in which the machinery of impeachment grinds forward. With the Senate dominated by the Republicans, what outcome does the left really expect? Sure: Trump will be exonerated and the Dems will cry foul as if they hadn't expected such an outcome, but such crying-foul will be disingenuous. At this point, the whole thing is some weird, self-destructive form of theater in which the Dems somehow can't (or won't) break character and return to reality.

I'm of the mindset that the two parties take turns wearing the dunce cap, and right now, it's very much the Democrats' turn to be the drooling, raving morons. Soon enough, there will be a Democrat president, and it'll be the GOP wearing the cap. But not yet. Not for another few years, despite whatever manure the leftist media keep shoveling at us.

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