Friday, September 20, 2019

Styx on the Justin Trudeau-in-blackface flap


UPDATE: Paul Joseph Watson has hilarious thoughts on this, too, noting that Trudeau apparently "blacked up" at least three times in his recent youth:

Watson quote:
"So when Trudeau himself becomes a casualty of the mob-outrage, PC culture he helped build, forgive me for having little sympathy. [...] Identity politics eats its own once again."

PJW notes that the left has already forgiven Trudeau, just as the left has forgiven—and buried the news about—Virginia governor Ralph Northam and his own blackface scandal. Would the left give the same quarter to a conservative discovered to have put on blackface in his or her youth? I leave that question to those who understand clearly what hypocrisy is.

I have to wonder how long Trudeau's people knew about, and sat on, those photos and videos.

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And now this about Elizabeth Warren: