Monday, September 09, 2019

Canada's 3 branches of government

Here's an educational video by JJ McCullough (mentioned here regarding the scam that is recycling) on Canada's three branches of government, which vaguely parallel the US system, but which have some significant differences, e.g., Canada's Senate is unelected: senators are all appointees! How very democratic, right?

If you're a Canadian, chances are that you lean not a little to the left, so watching JJ McCullough—a moderate conservative—talk a bit of trash about your country's government is probably a lot like being a US conservative watching an American liberal talk trash about the US government.* Get how it feels now?

*Or maybe that's a bad simile. American liberals generally love government. But—and this is true for conservatives, too—they love it more when their own people are in power.

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