Sunday, March 21, 2021

a tutorial for the HTML-impaired:
adding clickable links to your comments



  1. Huh. I've always considered it impolite to leave links in comments. I thought it was one of those etiquette things that you didn't do. Maybe I'm also just paranoid about clicking on links in general.

    However, since I seem to have your approval, I'll drop a new cooking channel I found that you might enjoy: Baking With Rick. It's mostly savory baking--flatbreads, rolls, etc.

  2. In my blogging circle, the first person I saw express annoyance about leaving URLs instead of links was Jeff Hodges. People would repeatedly leave comments with URLs on his blog, and he'd politely explain how to create clickable links. I'm not as nice as Jeff, of course, hence this dickish post.

    Is it rude to leave links? I don't know. I'd venture to say that it's rude if you're a spammer, but if you're a trusted commenter, then I don't see any problem. So thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

  3. Visited despite the subtle clues and warnings. Har. Where's my Astley powder?

  4. I tried not to make it too obvious. All links from here on out will be roll-free, scout's honor.

    (As for the URLs versus links argument, I guess I'm just paranoid about links in general. No particular reason to be, especially with friends, but there you go.)

  5. I'm guilty of this "sin". I don't really see the big deal though, cut and paste or click on a link. It's all the same to me.

    I'd likely be less inclined to leave a link at all if I thought I might offend the proprietor.

  6. I'm not offended, but let's just say that a link is much preferred.



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