Sunday, March 21, 2021

Governor Abbott discusses the border crisis and Biden's ineptitude

"Once again, it is Texas stepping up and doing what the federal government should be doing."  What Texas needs to do is continue building the damn wall.  Fund it privately.  Cite state sovereignty and Texas's 10th-Amendment right to defend its own border:  the federal government has no say in the matter, which is something the 10th Amendment makes clear.

Texans:  find some rich, conservative tycoons who want to preserve the country and are willing to invest in the nation's long-term security.  As I've said several times:  the border is like your skin.  Lose your skin, and all the pathogens rush in.  If that's how you feel, lefties, about the US/Mexico border, and about borders in general, then by all means take that potato peeler and peel off your skin since you obviously don't want or need it.  Follow the courage of your convictions.  Don't be a whiny little pussy.

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