Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Styx: here come the taxes that Biden said weren't coming

Handsy Joe wants to fuck you, O Citizen:

Here's what's really going to happen, according to Styx:

• Even if you don't raise taxes to pay for Biden's multi-trillion-dollar infrastructural-spending plan, you'll end up with inflation because the proposals will come up way short of 3 trillion dollars.
• The infrastructure will never add to the economy—it won't pay off.
• You'll pay a little more for goods and services.
• Employers will cut employees.
• Unemployment will rise.
• The standard of living will fall a bit.
• A lot of the proposed infrastructure money will be siphoned off by the states, where they'll build nothing useful to the people; instead, it'll be another congressional library or something.  Pork-barrel politics.
• Every member of Congress will be tacking on little expenses here and there.
• Hundreds of billions of dollars will be wasted on pork-barrel nonsense.
• "Well-meaning" projects will come in over budget and way past schedule, making them effectively meaningless.
• Pete Buttigieg has proposed an economy-killing "mileage tax" to pay for part of this project.
• This will cause people to drive less, which in turn means they'll shop less, which in turn depresses the economy.  QED.

Watch the video and listen to the rest.

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John Mac said...

It's not like these ideas haven't been tried and proven to be failures time after time. How ignorant are people to believe there will finally be a positive result?

Raise taxes, raise costs, raised prices. Once again, it's the working people who suffer the most.

We are running out of time. There needs to be a major correction in 2022. Then again, the fraudsters are not likely to allow that to happen.